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Instruction on Submitting Master’s/Doctoral Dissertation for Anonymous Assessment
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In order to have sufficient time for the anonymous assessment of Master’s/Doctoral dissertation, so as not to impede the following procedure such as thesis defense, the degree applicants are advised to submit the final version of the dissertation as early as possible. 

The Degree Affairs Office of the Graduate School accepts the application for dissertation anonymous assessment on regular working days. However, in order to avoid the backlog or even the loss of the dissertations submitted during Summer or Winter vacations, also considering the newly added summer short term (Semester III in SJTU Academic Calendar), the acceptance time ofdoctoral dissertationsfor Anonymous Assessment is adjusted as follow:

Fromthe enrollment datetothe Thursday of the penultimate weekof each semester.

For applications submitted beyond the above time frame, although the Degree Affairs Office will strive to process, it is however not possible to guarantee the timely submittal of the dissertations to related experts for evaluation. The submittal time is therefore officially recorded as the time of the first batch of the following semester.

The Anonymous Assessment (spot-check) ofmaster thesisis organized by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission. The acceptance period is still from theenrollment dateto theThursday of the 17thweekof each semester.

The deadlines for the 2ndsemester of 2015-2016 are:

Doctoral: 14thJuly, 2016 (Thursday)

Master’s: 16thJune, 2016 (Thursday)


The submission venue:

Graduate Education Service Center (Room 328 Chen Rui Qiu Building)

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