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Instruction on Submitting Master’s/Doctoral Dissertation for Anonymous Assessment
Date:2016-09-06 Clicks:

To shorten the time needed for Anonymous Assessment of Ph. D dissertation and to be environmentally friendly, no paper dissertation is required for the Anonymous Assessment of Doctoral Dissertation. Instead, all the correspondences of the anonymous assessment will be conducted online. When applying for Anonymous Assessment of Ph D dissertation, the applicant should submit only theForm for Doctoral Dissertation Evaluationand assessment fees.


1.The submittal dissertation is the electronic version uploaded in the Graduate Education Information Management System of the Graduate School for Anonymous Assessment. Please pay attention when uploading. 

2.The application documents should be submitted to the Graduate Education Service Center (Room 328, Chen Rui Qiu Building). For the convenience of peer experts review, please correctly indicate the research direction(be concise, but do not simply write the discipline or sub-discipline name) when submitting the application.

3.This notice does not apply to Master dissertation. Regulation of Master Thesis Anonymous Assessment remains unchanged. 

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