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The 8th “Zhi-Hong” International Summer School of Advanced Materials held a cultural festival
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On the afternoon of July 10, 2023, the 8th " Zhi-Hong "Advanced Materials International Summer School successfully held a cultural festival in the Xu Zuyao Building of the School of Materials Science. More than 30 students from Kazakhstan, Serbia, Brazil, Nepal and China, gathered together to demonstrate their own national culture and enjoy this cultural feast.

This cultural festival was hosted by Wang Pinshu and MIRA. With careful planning in the early stage and the active participation of Chinese and foreign students, a colorful performance was presented, promoting cultural exchange between Chinese and foreign students.

(Figure 1 Host)

Firstly, students from Kazakhstan and China showcased Kazakhstan's culture through dance, and the cultural festival kicked off with melodious and melodious music; Later, Chinese student Wang Handan sang the song "Later".

(Figures 2 and 3: Dance in Kazakhstan)

(Figure 4: Wang Handan Sings)

Next, students Nurzhan, Balnur, Aidana from Kazakhstan performed the song "I sing about you" for everyone.

(Figure 5: Kazakh Students Singing Songs)

Afterwards, everyone enhanced their friendship through the games of "Musical Chairs". Students were divided into three groups, and the winner of each group performed a performance. Durga from Nepal performed the song 'Resam fiiri (Nepal folk song)' to everyone.

(Figure 6: Nepalese Students Singing Songs)

After the game of "Stool grabbing", Chinese student Wang Bolun sang the song "Seasons in the Sun". Although everyone comes from all over the world, it was fate for everyone to come together today. Through these days of interaction, I have made many good friends and had a pleasant week," he said.

(Figure 7: Wang Bolun Sings a Song)

Anderson from Brazil and Chinese students Zheng Hao and Feng Xinyu vividly restored the dialogue scene of the original film by dubbing the film clips, which won unanimous praise.

(Figure 8 Anderson dubbing scene)

Finally, the host introduced the game rules of related board games to everyone, and everyone was divided into three groups to play games such as "werewolf killing". In a joyful atmosphere, the cultural festival slowly came to an end.

As a major feature of “Zhi-Hong” International Summer School, the Cultural Festival has been successfully held for eight times. The Cultural Festival uses world culture as a platform to engage in dialogue with various civilizations around the world, enabling Chinese and foreign students to better understand each other and leaving unforgettable memories.

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