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The "Ocean Dreams" 2023 International Summer School on Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering and Mechanics Successfully Held
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On the afternoon of August 4th, the closing ceremony of "Ocean Dreams" 2023 International Summer School on Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering and Mechanics was held in Mulan Building A100.At this point, the two-week summer school came to a successful end.

The summer school received over 150 applications from around 20 universities in 8 countries. In the end, 55 students were finally selected. 20 leading scholars and renowned professors in the field of naval architecture, ocean engineering and mechanics at home and abroad brought wonderful lectures to the students. Each course site was chaired by the young and middle-aged core teachers of NAOCE. The course content covered a number of frontier hot topics of the discipline, the on-site discussion was heated and the academic atmosphere was strong. Students gained a lot and were deeply inspired.

July 26th is campus Visit Day. In the morning, the students took a walk through the campus under the guidance of volunteers to feel the campus life culture and atmosphere; visited Wenbo Building and School History Hall to learn about the development history of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In the afternoon, the students collectively visited the Deepwater Offshore Basin, Multi-functional Ship Model Towing Tank, Wind Tunnel –Water Circular Channel, Cavitation Tunnel, Underwater Engineering Laboratory and other large laboratories, to further deepen their understanding of the construction and development of NAOCE and the field of naval architecture and ocean engineering in China.

In order to further help students realize the combination of theory and practice, this Summer School has set up a number of experimental courses for students. Among them, the Mechanics Center offered 11 courses, and the Ship and Offshore Engineering Experiment Centre offered 3 courses. The students signed up for the course in groups. The courses required students to complete experimental design, practical operation, data collection and data processing in group work and received warm response from students.

In addition to participating in the wonderful lectures, the Summer School also arranged a variety of off-campus visits and practical activities for students. On the morning of July 28, the students went to Qian Xuesen Library and C. Y. Tung Maritime Museum on Xuhui Campus. In the afternoon, the students visited the YUANWANG 1 research vessel.

On August 1, the students collectively visited Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard to deeply understand the construction of LNGs, container vessels and other large vessels, and deepen their understanding of the development of China shipbuilding industry.

To promote academic exchange and interaction between students. The Summer School held a poster exhibition and oral presentation activities for students. 44 students from different schools and grades at home and abroad made beautiful posters of their research topics on displayed in the 1F hall of Mulan Building, attracting teachers and students of the school to stop. Summer School students had in-depth discussions about the posters. A total of 17 students participated in the oral presentation with rich topics. Lively discussions and a strong academic atmosphere were on site. The summer school students voted to select 10 excellent posters and 10 excellent presentations together.

The International Summer School on Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering and Mechanics was held offline for the first time after the epidemic. With the support of graduate school of SJTU, NAOCE and Mingyang Smart Energy, Hudong-zhonghua Shipbuilding (Group) Co. Ltd and Shanghai LANSUO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., etc., the Summer School characterized by internationalization, cutting-edge and interdisciplinary andcombined excellent teachers and resources at home and abroad to create a platform for students to understand the latest trends of the discipline, enrich professional knowledge, exchange learning experience and improve skills, and stimulate students' innovation and creativity. It is hoped that the young students will gather together in Shanghai Jiao Tong University in the future and continue to deepen the frontier to accumulate strength for the development of marine industry in China.

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