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SJTU Regulations on Credit Recognition and Grade Transfer for Graduate Courses
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(This is a translation of the official version in Chinese 沪交研〔201997. In case of any discrepancy, the Chinese version shall prevail.)

Chapter One: General Provisions

Article 1 With the development of graduate education in SJTU, academic exchanges for graduate students are increasing in terms of both number and diversity. The regulations are hereby formulated to strengthen the management of graduate students studying at partner universities and to standardize the credit recognition and grade transfer for courses taken outside SJTU.

Article 2 The regulations shall apply to courses taken at partner universities by graduate students participating in CSC programs, university or school level exchange programs, as well as double degree, joint degree and/or other joint education programs.

Chapter Two: Qualifications for Credit Recognition and Grade Transfer

Article 3 The host institution shall be universities or research institutes accredited by SJTU. Recognition of academic credits earned in courses taken by the exchange student while studying at the host institution is at the discretion of relevant school (department) of SJTU. The courses the student takes shall shave an identical or similar syllabus and comparable teaching hours with the corresponding course in the training plan of the student. The specific requirements are as follows:

(1) The courses applied to transfer shall be those that have not yet been taken in the student's training program at SJTU.

(2) If the courses that are transferable have been specified in the agreement of double degree, joint degree and/or other joint education programs, students can apply to transfer only the courses within the list.

(3) Except for special international cooperative education programs approved by the University, Master students shall earn at least 10 credits at SJTU, and 5 credits for PhD students. The rest can be transferred to SJTU from courses taken at the partner universities.

(4) For SJTU exchange students, the credits of ideological and political theory (compulsory course) must be obtained at the home institution.

Article 4 If the host institution uses the same grading system as SJTU, grades that the exchange student receives at the host institution can be directly registered; if the host institution uses hundred mark system or other systems, grades shall first be converted to their equivalence under the grading system of SJTU before registration based on reference standards.

Article 5 While studying at the host institutions, graduate students are not allowed to receive course credits or credits of other teaching activities at SJTU through self-study.

Chapter Three: Procedures of Credit Recognition and Transfer

Article 6 Participants of double degree, joint degree and other joint education programs shall lay out their study proposals during their time at host institutions in consultation with their supervisors at SJTU, and fill in the Application Form for Taking Graduate Courses at Partner University. The study proposal should be based on the curriculum of the host institution and the student’s training plan at SJTU. It should be put on record at the Graduate Administration Office of relevant school (department) upon approval of the student’s supervisor at SJTU as well as the school (department). The student shall not modify his or her study proposal without consent of supervisors at both host institution and SJTU as well as the schools (departments). Courses that are taken unilaterally by the student will not be recognized.

Article 7 In principle, the exchange student should submit application for credit transfer before he or she leaves for the host institution or returns to SJTU. If certain courses cannot be selected beforehand due to reasons like course adjustment at the host institution or lack of course description, the student can complete application after he or she returns to SJTU.

Article 8 Once they come back, graduate students shall submit application for credit recognition and transfer through the platform as early as possible.

Article 9 Procedures for credit recognition and transfer are as follows: 1) the student submits the application; 2) the supervisor reviews and approves the application; 3) the teacher who teaches the course reviews and approves the application and submit the converted grade; 4) the school that opens the course reviews and approves the application; 5) the Graduate School approves the application and confirms the converted grade. The applicant should submit the following materials: 1) the original transcript (will be given back to the student after review by the supervisor or Graduate Affairs Office of School/Department) provided by the host institution and copy; 2) overview or description of the course taken at the host institution which the student applies to transfer; 3) Application Form for Taking Graduate Courses at Partner University that has been approved before the exchange student leaves for the host institution. (Exchange students coming to SJTU through double degree, joint degree and other joint education degree programs do not need to submit this form.)

Article 10 For students who do not complete the above mentioned procedures, go through the approval procedures before leaving for the host institution, or submit relevant materials after returning, their course credits will not be recognized or transferred.

Chapter Four: Supplementary Provisions

Article 11 The regulations take effect on September 1, 2019. In the case of conflict with previous provisions, these regulations shall prevail. The Graduate School of SJTU is responsible for the interpretation of these regulations.

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