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Notice on Semester Registration of Graduate Students for 2022-2023 Spring Semester
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Dear respective schools and international graduate students,

According to the “SJTU Notice on the winter holiday arrangement of 2023”, the semester registration of graduate students for 2022-2023 spring semester is hereby notified as follows:

1.Date & time for semester registration

Time: 9:00, Feb 9th-24:00, Feb 12th, 2023.


The registration should be performed online via My SJTU (http://my.sjtu.edu.cn, on smartphone it is交我办App.) For students in China, please complete your registration on SJTU campus. In case you cannot proceed with the online registration, please contact the graduate coordinator of your school or go to the graduate office of your school to complete the registration within the prescribed time period.

3.Graduate Courses

The graduate courses will start from Feb 13th, 2023. Please check your course schedule for details.

For Medical School students, please follow the Medical School’s arrangement.

4.Registration requirement

All the graduate students should complete the registration within the prescribed time period. Students who have completed their thesis filing and will graduate in March 2023 can be exempted from the semester registration.

5.Tuition and fees payment

1) For those who need to pay the tuition and/or other fees, please make the payment before the registration.

2) Online payment website: http://apply.sjtu.edu.cn.

6.Graduation deferment

Students who are expected to graduate on March 31st, 2023 can be exempted from the semester registration. While those who cannot graduate on schedule should apply to extend their study duration via My SJTU (http://my.sjtu.edu.cn) first and then proceed with the registration.

7.Suspension and resumption of schooling

Student whose current status is under “suspension of schooling” does not need to register. The students who need to resume schooling after suspension shall go through the resumption of schooling procedure via My SJTU (http://my.sjtu.edu.cn) (Postgraduate-Resume Schooling Application) first, and then proceed with the semester registration.

Students who fail to complete the semester registration on time will be handled according to the regulations of academic management regulations.

Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School

Jan 9th, 2023

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