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Notice on Arrangement and Enrollment of Graduate Courses for 2022-2023 Fall Semester
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Dear international graduate students,

For graduate courses offered in the fall semester of 2022-2023 academic year, most of them will start on September 12th, and some will start on September 19th. The detailed arrangements for course enrollment are as follows:

1.Graduate students should enroll courses according to their personal training plans. Please set or revise your training plan under the guidance of your supervisor according to your program curriculum. This can be done within the same period as the course enrollment period defined below.

2.For full-time graduate students of Class of 2022, the Chinese course will be arranged by the University according to your Chinese proficiency.Introduction to Chinese and English for Academic Purposes courses will be offered in the Spring semester. The enrollment of some major courses for some schools will be arranged by the school, and you can check your schedule for confirmation. All other courses shall be enrolled by the graduate students themselves according to their respective training plan. For the courses arranged by University or Schools, the students can drop or add by themselves during the course enrollment period. Please note that students shall bear all the consequences themselves if they cannot add a course because the class is full after they drop it.

3.Beyond the course enrollment period, no courses adding, dropping or changing will be allowed. Students should take the courses as on their schedule. No admission to the classroom if the course enrollment has not been done in advance.

4.The training plan for senior students must have been approved by their supervisors before they enroll the courses. Some schools or disciplines have specific requirements that the training plans must have been approved by the schools before course enrollment, in which cases please consult your school for confirmation. The training plan for fresh students can be in draft state when they enroll courses.

5.The system for training plan setup or revision and course enrollment opens in the following periods:

For senior students, from 10:00 Jun 9th, 2022 to 20:00 Jun 19th, 2022.

For all students, from 10:00 Sept 11th, 2022 to 20:00 Sept 25th, 2022.

6.Courses retaking application by senior students should be completed within the period through the Course Retaking channel.Please enroll the course in course retaking panel after your course retaking application is approved.

7.For training plan setup and/or revision and course enrollment, please login http://yjs.sjtu.edu.cn with your jAccount.

8.For part-time graduate students, in principle, please implement according to this notice. And if the departments have special arrangements, please operate according to the notice of the departments.

9.Students from the School of Medicine should follow the arrangements from the Graduate School of the School of Medicine.

Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School

Jun 6th, 2022

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