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Guidelines on the Online 2020-2021 Spring Semester Registration for SJTU Graduate Students
Date:2021-02-17 Clicks:


Time for Registration12:00 pm, Feb. 18th to 6:00 pm, Feb. 21st, 2021

App for Registration交我办”App, that can be downloaded through scanning the following code



1.    Please use your jAccount to log in to the“交我办”App, select “Postgraduates” Section, and click "Online Semester Registration Application" to start the registration process .

2.    Read the registration instructions and notes on the process page carefully, tick "I have read the notice above", and click "Start to register".

3.    After verifying and accurately filling in personal information on the "Online Semester Registration Application" page, please click "Next".


4.    Check whether the verification conditions on the "Eligibility Verification" page are passed, after the registration conditions are verified, click "Submit" to complete the online registration.



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