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Notice on SJTU Graduate Course Add/Drop for 2020-2021 Spring Semester
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Dear graduate students,

The graduate courses for the 2020-2021 Spring semester will commence from Feb 22nd, 2021. For course add/drop, please pay attention to the details below:

I. Time

  From 12:00 Feb 19th, 2021 to 20:00 Mar 5th, 2021.

II. Method

  Login https://yjs.sjtu.edu.cn or https://yjsxk.sjtu.edu.cn with your JAccount.

III. Reminds

1.For those who need to adjust his/her personal training plan, please login https://yjs.sjtu.edu.cn during the course add/drop period and make the adjustment. The training plan must be approved by the supervisor before one can add/drop courses.

2.For those who need to apply course retaking, please submit your course retaking request during the add/drop period as soon as possible. Once your request is approved, you need to navigate to the "Course Enrollment for Retaking" page and enroll the course by yourself.

3.Beyond the add/drop period, no course enrollment, dropping, and/or retaking is allowed.

4.After the add/drop period, classes with too few students might be merged or cancelled. Please pay attention to your schedule. Students whose courses are cancelled can enroll the corresponding course when it is offered the next time or adjust his/her training plan in the following semester.

5.Some course materials might be provided by the course instructor on CANVAS (https://oc.sjtu.edu.cn), please visit CANVAS in time.

6.For students in the School of Medicine, please follow the arrangements of the Graduate School of the School of Medicine.

Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School

Feb 8th, 2021

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