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SJTU PhD Student Noah: Sharing Chinese Stories, Strengthener of China-Kenya Friendship
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Noah, a doctoral student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, from Kenya. His deep love for Chines culture is reflected in his passion for capturing and showcasing China’s local customs and rural development through compelling videos. In 2018, Noah served as the interpreter for the President of Kenya during the Expo and was honoured as an outstanding youth representative at the World Youth Development Forum in 2022. His experiences have allowed him to witness the transformative impact of China's assistance, fostering convenience and development in Kenya. The "Belt and Road" initiative, he believes, not only connects diverse economies but also illuminates humanity's shared aspirations.


Embracing China's Beautiful Villages:

In 2016, Noah fulfilled his childhood dream of studying in China. His interactions with Chinese classmates and friends, combined with exploring various regions, including Shanghai, Jiangsu, Henan, and Zhejiang, deepened his appreciation for China's vibrant culture. Noah is affectionately referred to as "the China expert" among SJTU's international students, he explored into rural areas, engaging with local farmers, immersing himself in customs, and documenting the charm of China's villages.


Noah's visits to the Chinese countryside, especially in Henan province, revealed a reality beyond his expectations. He said “Henan province is very beautiful and comfortable, and everyone's face is full of happiness. China's countryside has become so good, and it also provides a great experience for my country and the world.”. These encounters offered profound insights into China's traditional culture, modern social development, and the tangible outcomes of rural revitalization. Witnessing China's commitment to its people, Noah (诺亚), whose name embodies the meaning of promise, felt inspired by the government's dedication to rural revitalization.

Bridging Cultures Through New Media:

As a new media major, Noah displays his passion for China through photography and videos. His goal is to share the captivating narrative of China's beautiful countryside with a global audience. His goal of using his expertise to strengthen cultural ties between Kenya and China, serving as a bridge between the two nations.


Noah's proficiency as an interpreter during the 2018 Expo earned him recognition from President Kenyatta. Acknowledging Noah's skills, Kenyatta entrusted him to facilitate dialogue between China and the "Belt and Road" co-construction countries, fostering deeper friendships and cooperation. Noah expressed his enthusiasm for this role, emphasizing his commitment to sharing his knowledge about China and contributing to the "Belt and Road" initiative, particularly for the youth. In 2022, he participated in the World Youth Development Forum, where he shared his experiences and growth in China, enhancing international understanding.

China's Impact on Kenya's Infrastructure:

Noah highlighted significant infrastructure projects facilitated by China, such as the China-aided Sikka Highway and the Monnet Railway. These projects have bolstered transportation links between Nairobi and Kenya's agricultural hubs, as well as other African nations like South Sudan, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Noah, a direct beneficiary of the "Belt and Road” initiative, aspires to contribute actively to its expansion in the future.


A Vision for the Future:

Looking ahead, Noah envisions a future in which he stays in China, leveraging his newfound knowledge in new media for collaborative projects between China and Kenya. His ultimate goal is to export this expertise to Kenya, using new media to bridge the cultural gap between China and the world, thus fostering a richer understanding between nations.


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