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Records of Production and Delivery of Postgraduate Certificates
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Dear Graduate student, Class of 2022:

Congratulations on your graduation.

It has been a tough year so far, but you made it. We are proud of all of your achievements. Whenever and wherever you are, follow your passion and SJTU is always rooting for you.

The current coronavirus outbreak has impacted some regular activities on campus. However, for graduating students’ convenience, staff in Graduate School of SJTU have worked our best to overcome the difficulties caused by the pandemic and prepared your degree and graduation certificates online and offline simultaneously. We managed to finish the tasks of data preparing, proofreading, certificate printing, sorting and collating and distributed the certificates to departments on March 26.

The staff of Graduate School as well as the staff of SJTU library worked day and night these days, making nearly 8,000 copies of postgraduate degree certificates and graduation certificates possible.

Fig. 1 Printing of degree certificates and graduation certificates

After the printing, we overcome difficulties and created conditions for sealing the certificates. Dean Wang Yaguang and Vice Dean Kong Lingti together with other staff in Graduate School worked many extra hours on 23 and 24 March so as to complete the sealing of all the certificates. Even though the intense work exhausted them, they still felt delighted and content because the certificates could thus be delivered more quickly.

Fig. 2 Sealing of degree certificates and graduation certificates

On 25 March, our staff worked 14 hours on end to check the information on each certificate as well as sort, collate and packae the certificates so as to ensure all graduating students can receive their accurate certificates timely.

Fig. 3 Certificate sorting

On 26 March, the distribution of certificates was done carefully in accordance with pandemic prevention and control requirements. As SJTU has been on a lockdown and faculties have mostly been unable to enter the campus, many teachers and administrative staff who were staying on campus volunteered to distribute the certificates. Finally, all the degree certificates and the graduation certificates have been distributed to their corresponding schools.

Fig. 4 Certificate distributing

At present, your certificates are temporarily kept by your school. According to the requirements of Shanghai for epidemic prevention and control, all express and goods delivery between the campus and outside are prohibited, which may cause various inconvenience to you. You can use the digital version as a temporary substitute. When the campus opens, SJTU will continue to do best to deliver the certificates to you as soon as possible.

No winter lasts forever; every spring is sure to follow. We will ultimately defeat the virus. We are always here, waiting to reuniting with you soon.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Graduate School

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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