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The 10th Anniversary of "Master Distinguished Lecture" Will Be Held in April!
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For over a century, Shanghai Jiao Tong University has always adhered to the belief that "self-improvement comes first in talent pooling, and talent pooling must first develop learning", and regards talent cultivation as the fundamental task of running the university. With the educational philosophy of "cultivating first-class talents and forging first-class characters", SJTU has been diligent and progressive and has always been committed to its mission.


To establish a bridge of academic exchanges between the masters and students of SJTU, in April 2012, Shanghai Jiao Tong University established the " Master Distinguished Lecture ". As a high-level academic endeavor hosted on behalf of the University, the Master Distinguished Lecture’s origins of establishment was based on the theme of extensity and precision will lead to profound insights in research. With the aim of " applying what you have learned, and integrating knowledge and action", in response to the proposition of the era of " The Qian's Doubt ", the Master Distinguished Lecture regularly invites academic experts, celebrated scientists, and domestic and foreign scholars to talk about scientific knowledge, scientific ethics, scientific research spirit, and research methods and have a face-to-face interactions with teachers and students of SJTU, so they can always be emersed in an academic atmosphere that "experts (are) at every turn".


After ten years, the "Master Distinguished Lecture" has become a widely popular "Science Palace" broadly welcomed by students of SJTU. Since its founding, it has always adhered to principles of sophistication, openness, and applying what has been learned and broadening perspectives. Stemming from Academician Wang Zhenyi, the National Highest Science and Technology Award winner, who gave the first lecture, the Master Distinguished Lecture has held 168 lectures and invited 160 famous experts and scholars to share their scientific wisdom and life experience, including winners of the Nobel Prize, Fields Medal, and ACM A.M. Turing Award; renowned scholars with significant influence in the fields of natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences.


The 10th anniversary of " Master Distinguished Lecture" will be held in April and May, and all of our students are cordially invited to participate in. The activities are arranged as follows. For the specific arrangement of series of celebration activities, please focus on the notice in the following website: https://www.sjtu.edu.cn/ and https://www.gs.sjtu.edu.cn/ .

    In the future, the "Master Distinguished Lecture" will always walk with SJTU, with the mission of inheriting civilization and seeking truth, integrating scientific ethics and academic style construction into the process of postgraduate training, and creating a strong academic atmosphere on campus to help the school's "Double First-class" creation and contribute to the goal of building a world-class university with Chinese essence.




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