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Notice on Online Access to Digital Graduation Certificate & Degree Certificate
Date:2022-03-25 Clicks:

The graduation certificates and degree certificates of graduate students who will graduate in March 2022 will be delivered by their schools on March 27, 2022. Given that some students may not get the certificates in time because of the epidemic situation, the Graduate School has formulated the following solutions to help those who need degree certificate to handle some special business such as employment and visa extension.

1. Provide digital degree certificate. The Graduate School and the Network & Information Center have collaborated to provide access to the digital degree certificates. Graduating students to be awarded doctoral or master’s degree in March 2022 can apply to download the digital version of their degree certificates or to send the certificate to an email address, within the app “交我办” or on the website “my.sjtu.edu.cn”.

2. Facilitate the earlier release of the online degree verification on the official website of China Academic Degrees & Graduate Education Information. In order to enable graduates or employers to check the relevant information of degree awarding on the official website as soon as possible, the Graduate School has already submitted all the information of the degrees to be awarded to the Shanghai Academic Degrees Committee, which will be released after the examination and approval of China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center. Then, the parties concerned can check “http://www.chinadegrees.com.cn/” for the degree details.

3. The information of the degrees conferred this time is available on the official website of the Graduate School. The link:http://www.yjs.sjtu.edu.cn/ssfw/xwgl/zsdy/zsdyForm/queryXWZS.do

4. For online verification of graduation certificates, students can:

(1) Go to the CHSI Archive web page: https://my.chsi.com.cn/archive/bab/index.action; Register an account with your information (if you already have an account, please skip to the next step). Please ensure that your name and ID/passport number are exactly the same as those recorded in the Graduate Education Information Management System of SJTU: http://yjs.sjtu.edu.cn/);

(2) Log into your account;

(3) Click on “Online Verification Report of HE Qualification Certificate (Graduate Students)”, and then you can download its PDF version. This online verification report can be used as proof of the information on the graduation certificate.

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