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Notice on Semester Registration and Course Arrangement of Graduate Students for 2019-2020 Spring Semester
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1. Date and venue for semester registration

All graduate students including international students are required to register on the date specified below. Please bring your student ID card and make the semester registration at the Graduate Affairs Office of your school. For those who need to pay tuitions and other fees, please make the payment before the registration.

Time: 8:30-11:30, 13:30-16:30, Feb 23rd, 2020 (Sunday)

Venue: Graduate Affairs Office of respective schools

2. Tuitions and fees payment

1) For those who need to pay the tuitions and/or other fees, please make the payment before the registration.

2) Payment method

a) Online payment

Please login at www.jdcw.sjtu.edu.cn/payment. The username is your student ID, and the initial password is your student ID (for international students).

b) Wechat payment

Please subscribe and make the payment via the Wechat Official Account of “上海交通大学财务平台”.

3. Semester registration deferment

The graduate students who cannot register on time due to force majeure must ask for permission to defer his/her semester registration BEFOREHAND from the Graduate Affairs Office of their school. The student should fill the “Semester Registration Deferment Request for Graduate Students” and submit it to the Graduate Affairs Office of his/her school BEFORE February 23rd, 2020. Upon approval, the student can be granted no more than two weeks of grace period.

For those who fail to make the semester registration on time without applying for postponing or being approved, shall be handled according to the SJTU Regulations on Graduate Education and Management.

4. Note

1) Students who are expected to gradate on/before March 31st, 2020 are exempted from the semester registration. While those who cannot graduate on schedule should apply to extend their study duration prior to the registration, and register at the Graduate Affairs Office of their school as stated in Section 1.

2) Student whose current status is “suspension of schooling” does not need to register.

5. Courses start from Feb 24th, 2020. Please make your course enrollment as soon as possible and attend the lectures as scheduled.

Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School

Dec 27th, 2019

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