Format Requirementsof Theses for Anonymous Assessment
Date:2016-06-08 Clicks:

1.Hiding the names of the author and the supervisor on the cover page, while keeping the discipline and major information , as well as the thesis title;

2.Hidingthe personal information on the English and Chinese title pages, including names of the author and the supervisor, Class Number, and Student ID, etc.

3.Donot sign on Letter of Copyright Authorization;

4.Donot sign on Originality Statement;

5.Donot indicate the names of the author or others in the statement of published papers and scientific research achievements, only indicate that he/she is the first/second/third…author.

6.Removethe Acknowledgements;

7.Printthe thesis on double sides of A4 paper;

8.Forother print format, please refer to Format Requirements of Ph.D. and Master Theses in SJTU.

9.Uniformcover page of SJTU is required.

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