Management Measures for Shanghai Jiao Tong University Sponsorship of Graduate Student Participation in International Conference
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To enhance the diversity and international influence of postgraduate education at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and promote the integration of graduate academic research with international frontiers, the university encourages postgraduates to participate in high-level international conferences and sets up special funding programs. After the initial program investment and construction, Shanghai Jiao Tong University graduate students have formed a broad sense of awareness and participation in high-level international conferences, and the project construction has achieved expected results. To strengthen the role of the school/departments as the main support, and to fully leverage the guidance of supervisors in graduate student development, in the future, postgraduates going abroad to participate in high-level international conferences will be mainly supported by the school/departments and supervisors. At the same time, to broaden the internationalization level and influence of humanities and social science postgraduate student education, the university will continue to provide partial support for humanities and social science graduate students to go abroad to participate in A-level international academic conferences. In view of this, the university has revised the "Management Measures for Shanghai Jiao Tong University Sponsorship of Graduate Student Participation in International Conference”. The revised management measures are as follows:

I. Application conditions

1. Applicants should be full-time postgraduate students in humanities and social sciences at Shanghai Jiao Tong University;

2. The international academic conference to be attended must be held out of mainland China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions). Applicants should obtain a formal invitation letter for the international academic conference, attend the conference at the conference venue, and give an oral report at the conference;

3. The international academic conference to be attended should be related to the applicant's dissertation work, and the conference papers submitted should be related to the applicant's dissertation work;

4. Papers accepted by international academic conferences must be written with the applicant as the first author, or the supervisor as the first author, and the applicant as the second author, with Shanghai Jiao Tong University as the first academic affiliation, and only one person is sponsored for each paper;

5. Applicants should have strong learning and English communication skills;

6. Applicants can receive sponsorship from this fund at most once during their study period;

7. If a supervisor recommends several students to attend the same meeting, in principle, the University will sponsor at most two students;

8. Students must initiate a funding application before attending the conference. If the funding is approved, the participants will be reimbursed after returning to mainland China. If the application for funding has been completed but the conference is not in compliance with the funding regulations, it will not be accepted.

II. Funding Standards

International academic conferences are divided into A-level conferences (representing the highest-level international academic conferences within a discipline), B-level conferences (representing high-level international academic conferences within a discipline), and C-level conferences (representing high-level, periodic, or series international conferences) according to their influence in their responding disciplines. The conference levels will be identified and declared by each School/Department, and the Graduate School will organize experts to review and file them, and enter them into the "Shanghai Jiao Tong University Catalogue of Important International Academic Conferences of Various Disciplines".

According to the qualifications of applicants and the acceptance of papers, the University selects based on level and excellence for funding. Funding for level-B and level-C conferences is currently suspended. The funding criteria are as follows:

Funding standard (yuan/person/time)

Meeting   Location/Meeting Type

Category A



Europe, Australia


North America


South America,   Africa


The above-mentioned standards are the upper limit of funding, and the amount of funding will not exceed the actual total cost of attending conferences abroad.

III. Application Procedures and Materials

1. Applicants should log in to the "MySJTU" system ( before the conference is held, submit materials online and complete the application; materials to be provided include but are not limited to:

1) Abstract acceptance letter or official invitation letter issued by the conference organizer, and the email invitation letter must be signed and confirmed by the supervisor;

2) Proof of acceptance of conference papers (paper homepage or report abstract, conference website; applicant’s oral report schedule, detailed conference agenda, if not yet determined, can be supplemented when applying for reimbursement).

2. The supervisor should review the materials submitted by the students, the form of participation, etc., and evaluate the role of the students' participation in their academic development. If the system fails to export the supervisor information correctly, the supervisor should provide a written opinion and scan it, and the student should upload it to the online application system under "other materials".

3. The student’s School/Department shall review and confirm the basic information of the student, application materials, and supervisor’s opinions, and sign specific opinions.

4. The person in charge of the student's School/Department should evaluate the level of the academic conference the student is participating in and sign their opinion on the student's application.

5. The Graduate School is responsible for accepting applications for graduate students to participate in international academic conference funding, and determining the funding candidates and funding amount based on expert review opinions.

IV. Fund Use and Management

1. The subsidized funds can only be used to reimburse the registration fees, travel expenses, visa fees, public miscellaneous expenses, insurance fees, etc. related to the sponsored students going abroad to participate in international conferences, and the use of funds must comply with the relevant rules and regulations of the University.

2. After returning to the university, students who have been approved for funding applications should submit their application for reimbursement through the online application system within one month after the conference ends. Students also remember to submit the "Summary Report of Shanghai Jiao Tong University Graduate Students Participation in International Academic Conferences", along with their oral report, PowerPoint slides, or posters, approval number for business trips out of mainland China, and conference award certificates.

3. The Graduate School will review the materials submitted by the students, and those who meet the requirements will make and issue reimbursement receipts. Subsidized students should submit reimbursement applications through "MySJTU", "Reimbursement for business travel out of mainland China", and complete the reimbursement procedures at the finance office with the reimbursement expense slip and relevant bills.

V. Supplementary Provisions

1. Those who falsify in the application materials and summary materials shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant regulations of the school's academic integrity, and the students involved will be disqualified from applying for various international programs of the University.

2. These management measures will come into effect starting July 1, 2023, and the previous relevant funding policies and regulations will be abolished at the same time.

3. The Graduate School is responsible for the interpretation of these management measures.


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