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Notice on Graduate Courses Adding and Dropping for 2022-2023 Spring Semester
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Dear graduate students,

The postgraduate courses in 2022-2023 spring semester will be officially started on February 13th(the first Monday of the spring 2023 school calendar). The course enrollment system will open from the 1stand 2nd teaching week in next semester. The detailed arrangements are as follows:

1.Time for personal training plan adjustment and courses enrollment:

From 12:00am Feb 13th, 2023 to 20:00pm Feb 24th, 2023


(1)For students who need to adjust their personal training plans,add and/or drop graduate courses for 2022-2023 spring semester, please login the graduate education information management system during the period.

(2)Course retake/re-examination applications should also be made during add/drop period. Once the Course retake/re-examination applications are approved, students have to enroll their classes in the course retaking page in the system.

(3)Beyond these periods, courses adding and dropping will be not allowed.

(4)From Feb 20th, department will check the course applications number and make adjustments accordingly. For those courses that enrollment number is less than our requirement, they will be merged or cancelled. So please login the system to check and confirm your schedule from Feb 23rd, and adjust your course study arrangement if necessary.

(5)Course learning materials will be published in CANVAS (https://oc.sjtu.edu.cn/). Students are required to pay close attention to relevant information provided in CANVAS.

(6) For the students of Medicine School, please follow the arrangements of the Graduate School of Medicine School.

Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School

January 11th, 2023

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