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The Summer Camp of Data-based Age-friendly Community Building Held Successfully
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The Innovation Practice Summer Camp, which is the first Shanghai Summer School program of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, has been held fourteen sessions since 2006. It was awarded the best international summer camp in Denmark in 2019. And it attracted the attention of the ambassadors of China and Denmark as well as the Danish Minister of Education in 2012 and 2013.The Innovative Practice Summer Camp offers chances for practicing innovative design thinking and practical skills. Students will be able to collaborate with partners from other disciplines and countries, as well as industry professionals. Under the guidance of Chinese and foreign experts in various disciplines, students will develop innovative solutions for real-life problems.




This innovative practice project is guaranteed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University's rich international education experience. Based on the rich product Design Teaching experience of the School of Design and the Teaching Fellow professor team with diverse professional knowledge background of International Industrial Design Engineering (hereinafter referred to as IIDE), Excellent students from different majors such as design, electronic information, software engineering, mechanical engineering, psychology, nursing, and medicine will work in the online workshop mode for one month. Through the iterative design thinking process of field research, problem definition, divergent thinking, concept refinement, program optimization and model presentation, solutions to social problems are formed through group cooperation.


Lecture Information



In the context of "Healthy China 2030" and the proactive health management which were proposed by the government of China, the community plays a crucial role in achieving the whole-population life-cycle health intervention. The Chinese government issued the Guidelines for the “Planning of 15-Minute Community Living Circles”, which made a preliminary plan for community medical and health services. In the next step of implementation, we need to search and link health resources in the region. Public organizations, local governments, universities, enterprises, NGOs, citizens and civic organizations can all participate in the co-creation of community health services. This project will explore the design of a product-service system suitable for the integration of SMECR, and further integrate the health system into the layout of the 15-minute life circle planning.



The summer camp recruited 31 participants from different universities with background of nursing, medical, electronic information, design or other majors. Participants fully combine the advantages of their respective disciplines and work in the mode of online and offline workshops. Through field research, problem definition, concept refinement, prototype testing, program optimization and other design methods.


The Innovative Practice Summer Camp offers chances for practicing innovative design thinking and practical skills. Students will be able to collaborate with partners from other disciplines, as well as industry professionals. Under the guidance of experts in various disciplines, students will develop innovative solutions for real-life problems.


Under the guidance of teachers, students collided with the sparks of thinking in countless discussions. The professional cooperation has broadened students’ horizons and benefited them a lot.


Excellent Design Works

Introduction: The research team went to Zhuqiao Village, Songjiang District, Shanghai, and designed a service system for the local elderly with Alzheimer's disease. The system includes three main aspects: care service, smart platform and environment space. The research group planed to design an innovated care model for Alzheimer's disease that could be replicated and promoted, so as to improve the dilemma of Alzheimer's care in the Yangtze River Delta region, change the public's cognition of Alzheimer's disease, and improve the life experience of Alzheimer's disease patients.

Introduction: Bubble World is a fall recognition and protection product. It provides an integrated service of fall prevention, identification, protection and monitoring for the elderly. The product can provide environmental data collection, simulation modeling, data analysis, customized products, real-time monitoring, timely rescue and other functions. While using the product, the product itself will constantly optimize the model and adjust the parameters, and ultimately achieve the purpose of reducing the risk of falls in the elderly.


Introduction: The product designed by the research group is a healthy recipe APP. This APP personalizes recipes for the elderly. At the same time, the APP distributes content according to the psychology of the elderly, making their diet more healthy and diverse.


Introduction: In the context of the epidemic, people have been isolated for a long time. This leads to a change in the relationship between people and their food and their community. This change has a psychological and emotional impact on people. This project explores a new business model through two products, "Ninth Cuisine" and "Urban Epidemic Records and Sound Archive". Products use online platforms to help people return to the way they used to live. The product features food in an NFT virtual space and invites users to co-create in a digital archive.


Introduction: The product provides interesting rehabilitation treatment for stroke patients with language disorders after rehabilitation. The product combines software and hardware to help patients achieve the purpose of daily oral muscle rehabilitation training through singing.


Introduction: In order to enrich the daily entertainment activities of community residents, the product provides a technology-driven singing visualization software. This product, which is both interesting and practical, can visually display the singing process and intonation of the singer, and finally generate visual patterns to score the singing skills.


Introduction: In the context of technology and aging, this project aims to build an elderly-friendly community and link residents' aging needs with corporate R&D in real scenarios. Create an intermediary co-creation platform between enterprises, communities and the elderly, and provide specific tool, information and social support, and finally realize the link and co-creation of the community, enterprises and the elderly.


Introduction: Elderly people have a high incidence of chronic diseases. Daily exercise can reduce the incidence of chronic diseases. However, because of the degeneration of physical function and other special reasons, different elderly people need different degrees of exercise. Based on the basic physical information and computer vision assessment of the elderly, this app can customize exercise prescriptions for the elderly with different physical states, and supervise and record their performance.


Introduction: In order to supervise and encourage the elderly to develop healthy eating habits, based on machine vision, recommendation algorithm, virtual IP and other methods, the research group designed an app to ensure the food safety and nutrition of the elderly.


Introduction: China's aging population is serious. Data show that a large number of elderly people's psychological demand is difficult to be satisfied. In order to help alleviate the mental and psychological problems of the elderly, this product mainly uses computer vision technology to realize the functions of emotion detection, painting creation, image repair, and emotion log generation.


Introduction: This project focuses on the sense of belonging of the elderly to society. With dialect as the entry point and games as the carrier, the product can exercise the memory and language expression ability of the elderly, enhance the family intergenerational relationship, improve self-perceived value, and provide data for the dialect phonetic corpus.

Introduction: This study focuses on the reconstruction of age-friendly communities based on the readability of big data. Based on the sample data of Anjuke app in Shanghai elderly community, the study used regression statistical scientific metrology method to analyze the sample data, literature and case analysis. Finally, the team provided a sample design for an age-friendly community.

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