Regulations and Process of Master Thesis Evaluation
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Master Thesis Evaluation ordinarily conducts one and a half months earlier than Thesis Defense. Review team should be composed by two professors or associate professors invited from related disciplines. (If the student applies for Degree Equivalent to Master, the review team should be composed by three related professors or associate professors, among which should include one expert invited from institutes outside of the university.) Meanwhile, the author will possibly be engaged in stochastic spot-check of the degree thesis quality at the given website. The engaged authors are required to submit their degree theses on time for Double Anonymous Assessment. (colloquially called “blind review”. The students who delay/advance their graduation dates, or apply for Degree Equivalent to Master are compulsorily engaged in the “blind review”.)


For required documents and process applying Thesis Evaluation, please reference to annex 1: Flowchart of Master Degree Thesis Review (including Professional Degree).


The affairs related to thesis delivery, review, results collection, and feedback should be arranged by the Thesis Defense Secretary assigned to the author. The author himself is not allowed to participate.


1.Time of Evaluation


The Master Thesis Evaluation should be finished with a month (start from the date of submission).


The authors who passed the evaluation or submitted their theses on time but didn’t receive their feedback yet, are allowed to apply for thesis defense. If the evaluation feedback is released after thesis defense but indicates objection, the students who have one unqualified item (the item in Grade “D” or “E”), should revise their thesis according to the feedback, but not need to re-apply the thesis defense. The student whose thesis is overall unqualified (the total score is below 60 points), is not only need to revise the thesis but also need to re-apply the thesis defense.


2.Objection Handling

(1)Reconsideration: The student who failed in Master Thesis Evaluation should apply and pass the reconsideration before graduation. The reconsideration should be no more than twice. Fee of reconsideration should be paid by students themselves. The students who didn’t apply in time or failed twice are not allowed to apply for thesis defense and degree.

(2)Appeal: The students who don’t agree with the evaluation results have the right to appeal to the Degree Evaluation Committee of related department within ten workdays.

Process of appeal:

a. The student submits the application to supervisor and department;

b. The supervisor and department review the application;

c. After the department review, Degree Affair Office of Graduate School organizes two experts outside of the university to review the dissertation of applicant;

d. After the feedback released, the degree evaluation committee of department shall organize no less than three experts to review the feedback as well as the reason of appeal. The review result will be sent to the degree evaluation committees of department forarbitration; and the arbitration result will be sent to degree evaluation committees of discipline, and of university for final review.

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