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EnOcean Alliance welcomes Chinese industry leader Bull Group as a new member/ EnOcean Alliance welcomes Chinese industry leader Bull Group as a new member
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Leading socket manufacturer incorporates the energy harvesting wireless standard to extend its portfolio with integrated smart home solutions.  

San Ramon, CA/Beijing, China, April 7, 2014 – Bull Group, a leading company in the Chinese socket market, has become a member of the EnOcean Alliance. With this step, the Chinese top brand in the field of electrical engineering and power connectors will integrate the global EnOcean wireless standard to expand its Research & Development system. This contributes to the company’s key approach of providing integrated solutions that lead innovation in the socket industry and offer a safe and comfort electricity environment for millions of families.  

Established in 1995, Bull Group is one of the biggest professional manufacturers of switches, sockets and adaptors in China. Its brand "BULL" is ranked first in the Chinese socket industry and is part of the company’s portfolio strategy of providing global clients a safe electricity environment. Bull products have won a great popularity among more than 10 industrial countries, such as USA, Germany, France, UK and Japan.   

Since its establishment, Bull has continually upgraded its socket series with most of the international leading technologies to offer high-quality user experience. With incorporating the EnOcean wireless standard for sustainable buildings, Bull now targets to provide integrated smart home solutions as one of its main strategic objectives.   

“Nowadays with the rising popularity of green buildings and smart homes, the socket industry also needs a more intelligent and more standardized R&D system in order to provide customized services and solutions for different markets. The EnOcean standard is very well established in the building automation sector with a strong ecosystem and market penetration represented by the EnOcean Alliance and its members. This offers us a perfect technical and collaborative platform to address the smart home and building market,” says Mr. Liping Ruan, President of Bull Group. “At the same time, it contributes to our promise to customers to always offer high-quality safety and comfort based on innovative technologies.”   

“We are proud to welcome Bull Group in the EnOcean ecosystem. Bringing together the benefits of the energy harvesting wireless standard and the company’s leading experience in the electricity industry marks a new milestone in the Chinese building sector on its way to intelligent, user-friendly and future-proof solutions for a comfortable and sustainable living,” says Graham Martin, Chairman of the EnOcean Alliance.  

Member companies of the EnOcean Alliance develop and market self-powered wireless solutions for intelligent and energy-efficient buildings. Due to the EnOcean energy harvesting principle, the products work without batteries and cables. The communication basis is the international wireless standard ISO/IEC 14543-3-10. It is the only wireless standard that is optimized for ultra-low power and energy harvesting applications. Created in 2008, the EnOcean Alliance has today the largest installed base of field-proven wireless building automation networks in the world.   

About EnOcean Alliance  

Leading companies worldwide from the building sector collected to form the EnOcean Alliance and establish innovative automation solutions for sustainable building projects – and so to make buildings more energy-efficient, more flexible and lower in cost. The core technology of the Alliance is energy harvesting wireless technology for flexibly positioned and service-free sensor solutions. The EnOcean Alliance aims to internationalize the energy harvesting wireless technology, and is dedicated to creating interoperability between the products of OEM partners. Basis for this is the international standard ISO/IEC 14543-3-10, which is optimized for wireless solutions with ultra-low power consumption and energy harvesting. More than 350 companies currently belong to the EnOcean Alliance. The headquarters of the non-profit organization is located in San Ramon, California.   


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