Policies on Sponsoring Graduate Students to Attend High Level International Academic Conferences
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(Revised on Nov 1, 2017)


To expand the horizon of the graduate students of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) and expand the international impact of their works, and to promote their worldwide competitiveness, the university will provide financial support to the graduate students for attending and delivering their academic works on high-level international conferences. The policies are as follows:


1. Qualifications for Application

a) The Applicant should be a full-time postgraduate of SJTU currently studying for doctorate degree or master’s degree in campus, including international students, but excluding students studying overseas under national scholarship.

b) The conferences/seminars applied for should be held outside of Mainland China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). The applicant should have received the formal invitation to delivery oral presentation in the conference.

c) The applicant should be the first author of the academic paper(s)/abstract(s) accepted by the international conference, or the second author when his/her supervisor is the first; SJTU should be the first signing institution; each paper/abstract can only be sponsored once.

d) The applicant should have good research competence and good English language proficiency.

e) Each applicant can only be sponsored once each school year.

f) If more than 2 students with the same supervisor apply to attend the same meeting, at most 2 of them can be sponsored.


2.Standard of Sponsorship

There are three categories of conferences according to their influence in each research field: A represents the highest level in the respective discipline, B represents high level in the respective discipline, and C represents high level and regular or serial meetings. The conference list will be proposed by the responsible schools/departments, and confirmed by the graduate school, and then put into the SJTU List of Important International Academic Conferences (attachment 2). And the standards of sponsorship are as follows:



Standard  of Sponsorship (RMB/person/time)


Other  continents










Note: The amounts are upper limits and the real amount cannot exceed the total cost of each student.

3. Application Procedures and Materials

3.1 Applicant should apply online application by submitting necessary documents, and incomplete application materials will lead to rejection:

1) Completed application Form;

2) Formal invitation letter issued by the organizer of the conference; E-mail version needs to be signed by the supervisor.

3) Proof of the acceptance of the paper/abstract (first page of the paper or report abstract, schedule of the meeting and website of the conference, etc.).

3.2 The supervisor and the school/department of the applicant should review the application materials, make comments and approve the application online.

3.3 The graduate school is responsible for processing the applications.

3.4 There view will be organized by the graduate school, decisions on approval and/or grant amount will be made by the reviewing committee.

4. Use of Sponsorship and Management

4.1 The sponsored grant can only be used to reimburse the registration fee, travel cost, visa fee and other cost related to the conference, and the usage should meet related financial regulations of SJTU.

4.2 The approved applicant should apply for the Reimbursement Sheet within one month after the conference through the online system and submit: SJTU Graduate Student Summary of Participating in International Academic Conference (attachment 1), PPT or word file of the oral report, copy of outbound permit, and related award certificates if any. Upon approval, the applicant should visit the graduate school to collect the Reimbursement Sheet, with which he/she can then apply for the reimbursement to the Financial Department of the University together with necessary invoices.

5. Supplementary Provisions

5.1 The policies takes effect upon its issuance, and the previous policies and regulation are abolished.

5.2 The Graduate School of SJTU is responsible for the interpretation of the policies.



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